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6 min readDec 4, 2021


The electric guitar tuner instrument is a device that measures frequencies by the flickering of the electric guitar wires. Then align the measurements you get according to the notes and letters. When the frequencies match the note, the LED can be tracked on the screen.

This situation allows electric guitar users to use great possibilities. It’s quite comfortable if you want to make the chord easier. However, since there are disadvantages, you need to make your decision carefully.

Today, with the development of technology, there are many tuner devices. However, the pedal, microphone and Clip-on types are the most commonly used. If you want to get one, you need to make your choice correctly.

Although it is believed to have a complex structure, a little time for electric guitar toner will be enough for you to learn.

Why is tuning important?

Electric Guitar Tuner
Electric Guitar Tuner

Electric Guitar Tuner, Although professional guitar users know the importance of tuning, most beginners do not give the necessary importance. If you’ve just bought your guitar, if you’re doing your maintenance, but the sound you want just doesn’t sound, it’s going to be clear that there are errors in the tuning of the electric guitar.

Because if the chord is not complete, if it is wrong, all the sounds will be incompatible. Even if the user is flawless, the quality of their performance will decrease as the sounds will create a bland state. Normally, every guitarist needs to know how to adjust these settings from the ear.

But if you’re new and in the process of learning, you can get help from the tuners. These help you with adjustments, giving you comfort. In turn, if you know how to do it from the ear, you can use it more professionally.

When should the electric guitar be tuned?

One of the most important questions about guitars is when to tune. Although the guitar tuning program allows you to adjust the settings of your device in less time, this does not last for many months, years.

Although many people think that they don’t need to look again for a long time after the adjustment, this is the biggest mistake. But after making the first chord, it is immediately noticeable that the wires show instability when making the second.

Also, not tuning in for a long time will gradually reduce the sound quality. So if you want to enjoy to the fullest, improve your musical sense and not reduce your stage performance, you need to do the chord exactly.

What are the types of electric guitar tuners?

Electric Guitar Tuner is of great importance, as it helps the sound sound as desired. But especially beginners can have a great difficulty with this. If you want help with this, tuners come into play.

What an electric guitar tuner makes most useful is the mechanical instrument that serves primarily to tune the strings on the handle of the guitar or a multi-stringed musical instrument. Although there are many species available, the most preferred are the following;

  1. Pedal Tuner: These guys receive audio signals from the guitar through a 1/4-in-a.s. audio cable. This signal is passed through a different 1/4-inch cable unchanged. Apart from electric guitars, it can also be preferred in electric-acoustic guitars.
  2. Afinadorclip-on: Such tuners are attached to themesne of the guitar. It measures the vibrations in the real wood of the guitar. It can be used with all kinds of guitars. It is also known as clip-on.
  3. Microphone-basedtuner:These electric tuners collect sound from each cable with the help of a microphone. It has a basic interface and shows how compatible the cable is on your screen.

These devices are capable of working in different tuning modes. Most of them work by measuring the frequency of one cable at a time. However, if you have polyphonic properties, you may have the ability to measure all cable frequencies at once.

Therefore, if the Electric Guitar Tuner is polyphonic, each string curtain can be specified separately, even if all the strings of the guitar are played at the same time. This will naturally improve your performance on stage and reduce the time required for adjustment.

How to chord Eletro Guitar?

If you use an electric guitar, a tuner can be used to make the chord. What is a clip tuner is a sub-option that can be preferred on these devices. It’s easy to use, regardless of which one you use.

If you don’t know which type to buy, you should know that it is basically divided into three. These are described below;

  1. Types that detect sound with the help of the microphone located in it. These can also detect different sounds, so they can show errors during analysis.
  2. Models that can be hooked to the head of the guitar. These are minimally affected by external sounds. Sound is taken with microphones at the ends of the latch.
  3. Models that are connected with the help of cats. These models are not affected by external sounds.

Consequently, after acquiring a Electric Guitar Tuner, you need to know which lyrics correspond to which note. The notes in question are as follows;

  1. Do: C
  2. Re: D
  3. Mi: E
  4. Fa: F
  5. Left: G
  6. The: A
  7. Yes: B

Knowing them will allow you to touch the sensitive fiber. Although this classification is standard, there are also different settings. So, as you want to order, you need to make separate reviews accordingly.

When tuning, it should be used mainly which note and which letter. For example, when you touch the first cable, the letter E, that is, the Note Mi, must be present. Then it should be tuned by hand until its average or turns green.

What are the tricks of using an electric guitar tuner?

If you are new to using the guitar, even if it is an electric guitar, tuning will be very difficult. Therefore, many new users prefer easier and more practical devices, such as tuners. Although the guitar chord varies according to the notes of the lyrics, it varies according to the melodies to be played.

If your tuner receives the sound with the help of a microphone, it means that naturally the sound will also be taken from external environments. This naturally causes the sound not to sound the way you want. So, the quieter you are, the better the performance you’ll get.

Whatever letter you want to fine-tune, you need to tighten or loosen the cable until it arrives. In the meantime, you should look at the screen and leave it when this letter arrives. It can be understood by the green letters that it is completely completed.

You should also allow the sound to be heard for a long time when using a Electric Guitar Tuner. This will help improve detection.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electric guitar tuner?

In music, the tuner describes the devices used to detect the veil of notes played on the instrument. In Hertz, they measure the low and height of the corresponding note. If you want your performance on stage to be high, the chord must be done correctly.

If you’re a professional, that’s not going to be a problem for you. However, new guitar users have big problems with this. Therefore, the advantages of the tuner are seen as follows;

  1. It can be practiced with the right sounds until the melody is learned.
  2. It allows for more precise tuning in noisy environments.
  3. It provides a solution if sounds are not well perceived by the ear.
  4. Reduces guitar tuning time.

In terms of these professionals, the guitar tuner offers great comfort not only for beginners, but also for professionals. However, what you should pay attention to is that some of its disadvantages can also be mentioned. Because if you use it for too long, you can forget to tune in through the ear, even if you’re a professional.

At the same time, if the adjustment you bought is a defective production, the results you will receive will not be correct. But all these advantages don’t mean that a guitarist doesn’t need to know how to make an ear chord.